Green schooner

Imagine yourself moving silently and slowly in an ecologic-friendly way through the ocean enjoying the delights of the Mediterranean Sea in the most sustainable way. A real contribution towards other generations so they might also have a chance to experience the same unspoiled environment just like you.

In a wooden schooner with a new integrated technology is not polluting the environment.

Proyecto I+D+i.

In 2011, Daniel launched the ‘Green Gullet’ initiative, which aims to turn the ALANIA ship schooner sustainable and non-polluting. And educate the rest of shipowners and ship owners of the need to act, preserving the environment in compliance with the MARPOL code and adopting protocols and implementing systems that prevent contamination.


  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • LED energy saving lighting
  • Microorganism soaps and detergents
  • Energy-saving electrical appliances
  • Recycling of 100% of the waste generate on board
  • Anti-pollution filters
  • Hydrogen injection system Hidrohibrid
  • Solvent-free water-based paints on the hull
  • CSR: 100% organic cotton bed linen and towels, among other measures.



Installation of photovoltaic solar panels


Waste management equipment and installations; hydrocarbon waste treatment.


Study of weight variations and electrical balance after on-board modifications.


Delivery of energy-saving household devices and cooking equipment.


Application of new paints and silicones for the protection and anti fouling of the hull, based on water.


Web development and audio-visual support.